video for the collaboration between x.a.o.s and KidCrusher

video for a song off the out-of-print x.a.o.s CD "apokalupsis" from the year 2007

video for a song off the first x.a.o.s CD, the undistributed "musterion" from the year 2001

official video for song off of the Algea album

lo-res version of the official video included with the Algea album

version of the Anon track "Ghosting" fucked-with by yours truly

some selections from the Psychomachy CD on YouTube for your listening pleasure

simple, no-budget video for "everything ends" from the apokalupsis release

video podcast featuring an interview between Baph Tripp and KidCrusher

online videozine featuring an interview with Baph Tripp and a video for the track "i am not"

Ah, youth...