"One of the most impressive acts in the death industrial/experimental field...knows how to make noise beautiful, energetic, and constantly moving...menacing, gravitating, and madly genius...Baph Tripp is simply a mastermind" - Brutal Resonance

Album Title:

Release Year:

Track List:
1. Dysphoria
2. Heads
3. Big Daddy
4. My Girl
5. Hymn Null v1.25
6. IMF
7. Epicedium
8. The End

"Combines rage, joy, fear and peace in a way that makes it a cohesive listening experience... both interesting and enjoyable... even if the subject matter dictates that parts of it are not exactly pleasing to the human ear... definitely an album I'll be telling my friends to check out" - COMA Music Magazine

"So good that you really just want to crank up the music even more until your ears are bleeding and your eyes are popping out of your skull... chews you up, spits you on the floor, and [fucks] your ears... Psychomachy will definitely stay in my library... 9 out of 10" - Brutal Resonance

"Makes nods to powernoise, but ends up covering a wide range of sonic territory... A deceptively deep box of nastiness" - I Die:You Die

"Heavy, distorted, abrasive... old school experimental, artsy industrial" - Wounds of the Earth

Album Title:

Release Year:

Track List:
1. nil8
2. A Higher Purpose
3. Walking Dead
4. Now Is The Time
5. Utopiate
6. Mediaocrity
7. Hyperthesis
8. i am not

"Dark music in the more traditional industrial vein impressively created... expressive and visionary" - Vital Weekly
"Dark and noisy... but there's a definite sense of rhythm and melody as well... perfectly grim" - ReGen Magazine
"xaos has an affinity for making very dark and very atmospheric music... a band to watch for in days to come as our planet falls deeper into ruin." - Wounds of the Earth

Album Title:

Release Year:

Track List:
1. Eschaton
2. Happy New Year
3. Empire
4. Chemognosis
5. Hymn Null (v2.448)
6. Gebarmutterkot
7. Sick
8. Everything Ends

Consisting of material mostly dating from the previously-imploded 12:20 project, this first release was only made available in limited quantities to personal friends.

Album Title:

Release Year:

Track List:
1. New Aeon Musick, Part I
2. Plaster
3. Tohu-Bohu
4. Splendour (Ode To Orgasm)
5. Cancerous
6. For Luna
7. Dyshonest
8. Dionysian Dream
9. Misses
10. Cytherea
11. Consume
12. Hymn Null (v0)