celebratory psalms of suffering
being a record of various acts committed under the name Baph Tripp
 [29 July 2023]

Volume 6, Issue 1 of the award-winning literary jounral Vastarien, including my short fiction "Creed of the Autophage" alongside a corpus of works horrifying in implication, is now officially unleashed. Tremble in despair, and pick one up here (either a    print edition, or in pay-what-you-can ePub format):


[1 July 2023]

Vastarien, the award-winning literary journal dedicated to acting as a source of critical study and creative response to the corpus of Thomas Ligotti and associated ideas (pessimism, nihilism, antinatalism, etc), will be publishing my short story "Creed of the Autophage" in its upcoming Volume 6, Issue 1.

This issue will include works by such genre luminaries as Brian Evenson and Tim Waggoner, and I highly recommend it whether I'm in it or not (I just so happen to be in it, this time).

[24 April 2023]

The old website has been purged by erratic electronic entities.

A new site now slouches towards bedlam.

Coincidentally (?), new music and visuals and stories (and...?) on the way.

More dysinfo soon...